CyberNorth & HPE have teamed up to offer a substantial Cash Back Trade-In program.  These programs are a fantastic way to lower your capital purchase cost while refreshing your infrastructure with the latest and greatest products HPE has to offer.


What is dHCI?

Current Offerings

HPE Server Acceleration Program

  • Get $400 cash back for every server you trade-in towards a new HPE Server

HPE Simplvity/dHCI Trade-In Program

  • Cash Back Trade-In amounts range from $1,500 – $5,000 per server you trade-in

HPE Storage Trade-In Program

  • $100/TB of Flash Storage or Fair Market Value

We have had tremendous success with customers already!  Customers have received cash back in the range of $16,500 up to $47,000!

In addition to the HPE Trade-In program incentives CyberNorth would like to offer customers an additional 5% off the purchase price up to $100,000 and another 2.5% for every additional $100,000 after the initial offer.

Watch dHCI in action!

If you would like to discuss these programs and what products are in need of a refresh, please feel fill out the form below

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