The Perfect Pair: Leveraging HPE’s Backbone for Maximum Cohesity Performance

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With so much visible innovation happening in the software space, it’s easy to lose sight of the hardware working behind the scenes. Businesses implementing Cohesity, for example, are often most interested in the solution’s powerful data protection and recovery features, but deploying the right servers to support the platform is key to pulling maximum value from those capabilities. If you’re considering Cohesity, a backbone from HPE is a perfect match, and can help you strengthen security, optimize your investment, and even simplify your infrastructure.

Why hardware matters for your Cohesity implementation

Cohesity - HPEAs with any software implementation, the right hardware is crucial to ensure both security and performance when deploying Cohesity. HPE’s server platform is the clear choice, as it allows your business to adhere to one of the most important tenets of cyber resilience: Every IT purchase should be a security-focused purchase. That doesn’t just apply to your backup hardware—it’s all your hardware. Fortunately, HPE has proven to be the leader in recent years when it comes to innovating around security and providing companies with an environment that’s secure by design.

The right hardware allows your Cohesity implementation to be truly performant. You want backups to run quickly, and you also want to know that the data you have isolated is as current as it can be. The performance offered by HPE is particularly valuable for organizations looking to optimize their data management processes and ensure a seamless and reliable backup and recovery system that can keep up with evolving business demands.

Security features of HPE for Cohesity

HPE’s position as a security leader is bolstered by features in its Trusted Supply Chain program. From Server Configuration Lock to chassis intrusion detection switches and the HPE Platform Certificate Verification Tool, your organization can move into the future knowing your hardware contributes to your cyber resilience. The measures baked into HPE servers work together to provide a comprehensive security framework, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of data and safeguarding against unauthorized access and potential vulnerabilities. With advanced encryption, secure key management, and continuous vulnerability scanning, HPE’s security solutions are built to meet the rigorous demands of modern IT environments.

The security-by-design foundation of HPE also supports valuable capabilities such as highly configurable password options and automated security to defend against ransomware and other malicious code. Even when you’re ready to decommission or repurpose your HPE hardware, built-in safeguards are there to ensure ongoing security, including data, password and configuration removal.

Streamline, simplify, save money with HPE and Cohesity

One upside to a powerful software such as Cohesity is that it can run on a lot of different hardware. And though having options is always good, they’re only of value when you’re able to identify which of those options delivers the best results. When we look at the hardware available today, HPE by far has the most performant hardware when it comes to Cohesity. What that performance means is your backups can run faster and your replications into the vault can run faster, giving you isolated data that’s more current.

Performance isn’t just about how quickly a solution can complete activities. Comparing HPE to other brands, price is certainly a determining factor for many organizations. HPE’s performance capabilities make it a standout choice for organizations seeking efficient and cost-effective data management solutions. At CyberNorth, we’ve gone through the cost-benefit exercise many times, and HPE most often lands on the more cost-efficient side of the spectrum. And because you can accomplish more with HPE servers, many enterprises discover their needs can be met with less hardware. In fact, depending on your environment, opting for HPE could enable you to halve your hardware costs versus competitors. That’s fewer servers that must be managed, which translates into simplification and reduced operational costs. Those elements help keep money in your pocket (or budget) not just during the purchase and implementation phase, but every month going forward, too.

We’re excited to offer HPE hardware for customers considering Cohesity. We think this combination is powerful in many tangible ways, from strong performance to low total cost of ownership. If you’d like to explore a Cohesity solution with HPE as the backbone, our team can discuss the options and help you create a configuration that suits your organization’s unique needs. Reach out to a CyberNorth expert today to learn more!

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