VMware and the opportunities with Nutanix

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ThNutanixere’s been a lot of confusion following Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware. Partners, customers, OEMs, distributors—many still aren’t quite sure where they stand, who will handle upcoming renewal cycles, and how much money they’ll need to plunk down for VMware services. This kind of ongoing confusion leads to fear, which often morphs into frustration, and frustration isn’t a good base for decision-making. We want to help businesses avoid that negative perspective and instead build enthusiasm for the promising landscape of today’s virtualization market.

Use this moment to improve your environment and embrace flexibility

Given how much time and money many companies have invested in VMware, the feelings of concern and displeasure are valid. However, rather than deciding your next steps while in a reactive frame of mind, we encourage organizations to take a fresh look at where they are and where they want to go. The shake-up in the hypervisor market signals an excellent opportunity for businesses of all sizes to reassess their environments and position themselves for a more cost-efficient and agile future. Now is a great time to reevaluate your business needs and strategic direction so you can choose technologies that align with your specific use cases.

First, remember that it’s important to look at your entire ecosystem. The hypervisor is typically the center of a much larger sphere of technologies that are all (hopefully) working harmoniously together. That includes the network stack, hardware, your operating systems and the apps running in them, your backup and recovery tools, automation and security tools, any cloud integrations, VDI technologies, and all the other things your company counts on to make work happen. There’s a real risk in moving forward without considering the entire picture. Making a change to your hypervisor technology might sound like a quick fix, but if you don’t vet all the other elements in your ecosystem, then you could be forced to disrupt multiple tools that not only work fine today but that are the best choice in their categories for your need.

When researching technologies that fit well into existing environments, Nutanix AHV often surfaces as an excellent hypervisor solution for businesses of all kinds. That isn’t by accident. Over many years, Nutanix has created vast technology alliance partnerships with the market leaders in the different technology categories that make up the business stack. CyberNorth has a long-standing partnership with Nutanix, and our team has supported customers migrating to AHV for almost a decade. The resulting ecosystems are robust, flexible, and cost-optimized, and organizations are so pleased with the outcomes that we rarely receive requests to migrate away from Nutanix to a different solution.

Consider your security posture today and into the future

Another primary consideration is security. Nutanix AHV is highly secure by default, in large part because the company got its start years ago developing solutions for security-focused federal government agencies. This secure foundation isn’t always present in competitors’ offerings. Implementing VMware, for example, often requires significant additional effort to properly harden a customer’s environment and ensure adequate security. For businesses working in financial services, healthcare, the public sector, or any environment where compliance frameworks are present, Nutanix may be a smart choice to support your security requirements.

Look for new ways to optimize your internal resources

Nutanix’s API-first technology offers extensive cloud integrations and supports a multitude of environments. Customers can move workloads seamlessly, whether it’s to AWS, Azure, or elsewhere. Without the traditional vendor lock-in, you can more easily reposition your cloud services down the road as new offerings, new business needs, and new consumption models emerge. Nutanix customers also have the freedom to decide on the solutions that fit their particular needs, with the option to run hypervisors from several different providers, including Microsoft and VMware.

This is also a wonderful opportunity to streamline your environment and make it easier to manage. Technology talent continues to be difficult to find and keep, and it’s important to direct your resources toward the highest-value tasks. With Nutanix, enterprises enjoy a unified management experience through a single console. This modern approach empowers your IT team with a complete view of your environment that takes up less time and frees them to focus on other activities. You also gain operational efficiencies through better manageability of the solutions, easier and faster software upgrades, and simplified overall management.

Don’t let VMware’s bumpy journey get you down. Whether you’re a large, publicly traded company or a small firm with just one person managing IT, Nutanix delivers the flexibility, security, ease of use, and low total cost of ownership you have wanted all along. If you’re ready to be excited about the future, get in touch with the CyberNorth team. We can help you understand your options and build a plan with tools tailored to your unique needs that will carry your business into the future.

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