Virtualization runs the datacenter.

Virtualization provides organizations with tremendous benefits. Virtualizing is a proven method to reduce cost, increase operational efficiency and provide a platform for cloud services. CyberNorth helps organizations capitalize on the benefits of virtualization while avoiding common pitfalls and oversights.

How CyberNorth can Help

With the conversion to virtualization across the enterprise, the level of skill needed to administer and plan for these environments has increased dramatically. Even enterprise level companies struggle to keep up with the technology and find qualified administrators. Mistakes made in planning can often cause performance issues and expensive rebuilds.

Our depth of experience in architecting virtual solutions will assure your company a platform that will meet your current needs and allow for easy expansion later, without costly rip and replace hardware changes.

Datacenter Virtualization (Cloud)

Every area of IT now has some form of virtualization. From desktops, to storage, to networks and everything in between. This has made the datacenter a very dynamic, flexible, and robust environment. It has also allowed access to this technology to businesses of any size. Now any business can have enterprise level performance and availability without the huge investments once required.

The virtualized datacenter is the definition of cloud computing. Whether it’s internal, public, or hybrid, all cloud computing is simply a virtualized datacenter.

Hardware Virtualization

This was the beginning of virtualization and is still the foundation for all layers of the stack. At its most basic definition, it’s the ability to run multiple operating system instances on a single x86 server.

The scale has increased dramatically in recent years to the point where running hundreds of VM’s on a single server is now possible. The economy of scale and efficiency is great in this model and it’s why it has become the standard for the datacenter.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)

CyberNorth is the leading expert in designing Virtual Desktop Solutions that actually work. We believe that connection broker technology from Citrix, Vmware, or Microsoft will allow for a stable, highly available solution. Where they fall down is with simplicity in providing applications in an easy to manage way.

This is why we recommend Unidesk for all VDI deployments. It puts the control of the applications and persona in a way that any desktop admin can successfully deploy it in not time at all. Forget the scripting, OS image sprawl, painful patch Tuesdays and the ever so common comment “VDI doesn’t work” when a single application has an issue.

The combination of Unidesk and Nutanix will make any Virtual Desktop project a success.

Here is a perfect example of a success story with Nutanix and Unidesk that our staff implemented.

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